I would like to change my appointment date due to my menstruation..
Log in to https://www.healthcheck.sg/booking/appointment/view.php?id=13,
or click ‘Contact Us’ in booking form https://www.healthscreening.sg/booking/contact_us.php 
and let us know  of the date you wish to change to. If within 48 hours of your appointment, drop us an SMS at 84841883.

We will get back to you via email regarding your change of appointment, and let you know if your preferred date is available.


May I know your operating hours?
Our office operating hours are:
Monday to Friday
9am to 5pm

Please call within office hours for any enquiries

All our health screening appointments at clinics start from 8.30 - 11.00am.


Do you provide the packages with Pre- & Post-consultation with a doctor, as well as a review of report?
Yes, Please look out for the ‘Deluxe’, ‘GP’ and ‘Neighborhood Clinic’ packages which include either a pre- or post-consultation with a doctor, a doctor’s examination, as well as a review of report .

Where can I compare prices & profiles of the packages?
Comparison charts are accessible via our site, or by logging into



How do I remove repeated bookings when I want to submit and finalize the booking of my appointment?
Click on this arrow which is next to the ‘Booking’ selection. Check the box of listing that you want to remove, and click the ‘Update Booking’ button at the bottom of the page. After refreshing the page, check that the item was removed, before you click ‘Confirm Booking’. Then simply follow the instructions given on top and bottom of the page.

Tick the ‘Remove’ box and click ‘Update Booking’ to refresh it the page and delete any extra number of bookings.


What is Ultrasound?

Ultrasound imaging is a medical diagnostic tool which does not use ionising radiation. It is quick, reliable and non-invasive, making it an excellent initial investigation for a wide range of clinical referrals. Ultrasound imaging shows motion, somewhat like a television - showing what is happening in real time.

In most ultrasound examinations, a transducer (a lightweight device which produces sound waves) is placed on the patient's skin. There are also special transducers which can be inserted into the vagina or rectum to image those areas of the body.

The Ultrasound Procedure - There is no discomfort involved in an ultrasound examination. The patient lies comfortably on an examination table and a gel or liquid is applied onto the patient's skin at the body site to be imaged, such as the abdomen. This is to prevent air from getting between the transducer and the patient's skin. The transducer is then moved gently across the patient's skin. No harmful effects from diagnostic ultrasound have been identified, making this procedure extremely safe.

Ultrasound Services available: Gallbladder, Liver, Pancreas, Kidneys, Pelvis, Obstetrics, Thyroid, Biliary Tract, Abdomen, Bladder, Breast.

Preparation: Please bring along any previous films if available for comparison.


What is a Pap Smear?
The Pap smear, also known as a Pap test, is a painless, noninvasive procedure that doctors and other specially-trained healthcare providers use to screen for cancer of the cervix (the lower part of the uterus, or womb, where a baby grows).

This procedure will:

  • collecting cells from the cervix and the vagina
  • preparing the cell sample for evaluation under a microscope
  • examine the cell sample for infections and abnormal cells that may grow into a cancerous tumor


How is Pap smear performed?

The doctor will insert a small metal or plastic instrument called a speculum into your vagina and open it gently to see the cervix.

A flat, blunt wooden stick called a spatula is used to lightly scrape the surface of the cervix to collect a mixture of cells and fluid which is smeared onto a glass slide.

The speculum and spatula are then removed.

Who should get Pap Smear?

A girl or woman should have a Pap smear if she:
  • has become sexually active
  • is sexually active
  • has been sexually active
  • A girl or woman who is sexually active or has been sexually active should have regular Pap smear even if she has no cancer symptoms.

Click here for Pap smear detailed information.


Who should get a health screening?
Health Checks should be scheduled yearly or bi-yearly (every two years).

Do you know anyone, or are you at risk from any two of the following factors?

  • aged 40 and above?
  • overweight or have an unhealthy BMI (Body Mass Index)?
  • keeping a hectic lifestyle filled with busy and long stressful days or many late nights?
  • suffering from poor sleeping habits or insomnia?
  • smoke or are frequently exposed to secondhand smoke from your smoking friends and family?
  • has someone suffering from chronic diseases in your family health history?
  • has a poor diet or unhealthy eating habits?
  • work in a high-risk environment that needs you to be in direct contact with chemicals or toxins that may cause cancers?
  • have not undergone any health screening for the past 2 years or have never done health screening before?
  • has not been exercising for long periods of time?

If you, your family members, or any friends and colleagues say ‘Yes’ to two or more of the above risk factors, it's time for you to take charge of your health! Avoid future health complication before it too late, get checked today!


Will I get my health report after my screening?
Yes, you will get your health report in about 7 to 10 working days after your health screening.

Your health report will be reviewed by our health advisor, or you may request for us to mail it to you should you need it for your family doctor's assessment. You may request for a doctor to review your report (simply call us to let us know). The doctor’s review on your report will cost an additional $35.00 if not already included in the package price.

Any add-ons (e.g. X-ray, ECG, ultrasound scanning) that you select will include reviews for those particular scans.

There will be no extra charge for health screening for review on the report, if you pick the ‘Deluxe’, ‘Neighborhood Clinic’, ‘Pre-maritial’ or ‘GP’ Packages, which already include post-review by a doctor. The review will be conducted on the same premises as the screening.


Can I receive my health report by email?

Yes, you can but only upon request. We will scan the review, and email you the .pdf file. We will still mail your report to you for free (local addresses only) as we do not keep your health reports after each screening.

Health reports that are mailed overseas will be charged Singpost postage rates or the rates quoted by express mail companies (e.g. DHL, FedEx). All health reports will be mailed out after all payments (including any applicable postage charges) have been made. Please contact us for more information on rates if you wish to have your health report delivered by express mail companies.

Can I get a review done for a previous health screening done elsewhere?

If you had your health screening done elsewhere and would like us to do a review on your health report, we are able to get a doctor to do it for you at $20.00


Why can't I see the profile of packages?
You may find the package profile link from the home page or the booking page of the package. Please scroll-down in order to read in detail what the package includes when you log in any particular page in the package profile.

For more information, please visit this #health screening package profile.


After I have submitted my appointment booking form, what do I need to do next?
We will send you a confirmation email within 2 business days. If you do not hear from us after 2 business days, please check your spam filter settings and junk mail folder to make sure that our email has not been directed there by mistake.

Alternatively, give us a call to confirm that your appointment booking form has not been received. All appointment confirmation will be made by email. Please take note that if you make your booking submission on Friday / Eve of Public Holiday after 4.15pm, your booking will processed on the following working day.

Please try to book 3-5 days in advance for Basic Health Screening Packages (Standard Packages), and 7-10 days in advance for the others, in order to better secure your preferred day/time.

Our working hours 9.00am to 5pm Monday to Friday. (Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays)


Is it safe to register / create an account on your website with my personal particulars?
Yes, our website is HTTP secure (HTTPS). This means that your personal data is protected and treated as confidential. We will also not disclose or share any your personal particulars and information with a third-party without your consent.


What if I do not receive my stool bottle (in time / at all) before my health screening?
You may collect and store your stool sample in a small, clean container. Your stool sample need not be bigger than the size of a peanut. On the day of your appointment, simply transfer your stool sample into the stool bottle that our staff will provide.

We are also unable to send stool bottles to overseas addresses (if you reside outside Singapore). If you are currently living overseas, please prepare your stool sample in your own container when you arrive in Singapore. You can then transfer your stool sample into the stool bottle that our staff will provide.

Kindly prepare your stool sample on the day of your appointment, or 1-2 days before your appointment.

How would I know there is a slot available for the date that I want to have the appointment?

Please take note all bookings should be made 5-7 working days in advance, especially if you are booking for ‘General’, ‘Women’ and ‘Deluxe’ packages. Please try to book 3-5 days in advance for Basic Health Screening Packages (Standard Packages)

Just submit your choice of date and time-slot in advance and we will get back to you for the confirmation of the appointment date and time within 2 working days.

Please also take note that if you are making a booking on a weekend, or on the eve of a Public Holiday, you will need to wait till the following working day for us to confirm your booking via email.

What do I need to know before submitting an appointment? What will I encounter during the booking process?

1. Account: You will need an account before you can make a booking. Simply create one to use for submission of all appointments with us.

2. Click on ‘My Account’ #Link(http://www.healthscreening.sg/booking)

3. Click on ‘Create An Account’ and fill in the form if you do not already have an account.

4. If have an existing account, sign in with your email and password. (Click on ‘Forgotten Password’ to retrieve your password via email)

5. Click on ‘Booking Appointment’ after you have signed in, and choose the package before clicking ‘Book Now’

6. Fill in the appointment form with all necessary particulars, preferred dates and times

7. Click on ‘Add To Booking’: If you see a double entry, just change the quantity to (1) click ‘Update Booking’, or check on the box of one of the item at the ‘Remove Column’, and click ’Update Booking’ (the double entry will be removed after this).

8. Click "Confirm Booking".

9. Choose your preferred payment method (Note: It is not compulsory to make payment upon submission of booking) and click ‘Continue’. The items booked, choice of payment option and method of payment will be displayed. (Note: If your choice of payment is via Paypal, you will be linked to the Paypal site for immediate payment. Please keep the email receipt from Paypal for your own record.)

10. Scroll down the page, and after read and understood our terms and conditions, check to the box to signify that you agree with them.

Once you see ‘Your Booking Has Been Processed!’, your submission is successful!

Select: "Please notify me of updates to the booking I have selected below", if you would like to be updated with any news and info about the packages you chose.

Click the ‘Continue’ to be directed back to this page


Why have I not heard from you even though I sent out the email quite some time ago?

You may contact us after 3 working days if you have not received any confirmation. However, before you contact us, please check your anti-spam folder, junk mail folder, or any other filters which might have flagged the email as spam. It is possible that your software mistakenly flagged our email as spam due to certain keyword or key-phrases.


What do I need to note about booking my appointment?
Your date still pending and not confirm yet until you received the confirmed date and time. We will confirm your appointment within 2 working business days / 48 working hours (Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 5pm). Please retain the invoice of detail about your booking appointment with the booking number:

Please check the FAQ about booking an appointment to know what went wrong if your booking was unsuccessful, or give us a call!


Can I book an appointment on behalf of my parents, spouse and/or relative?

Yes, you can. Simply use the account that you had registered with us to make an appointment on behalf of your family members. Please ensure that your family members acknowledge and accept the respective profiles of their preferred package take note of their confirmed appointment date. If your family member prefers to make an appointment themselves, they may do so by registering an account with us at: https://www.healthscreening.sg/booking/create_account.php


Why do I need to create an account?

Registering an account with us will speed up the process of any future bookings as you will not be required to give us your details again. You can also update your personal and contact information at any time. You may also use the same account to submit an appointment booking for yourself or on behalf of your family members.

The entire process is both easy and convenient. All accounts created as well as information given will treated as private and confidential - we will not sell or share you information to any third party. No credit card info is required when creating an account.

Also, one of the biggest benefits of creating an account with us is staying updated of any promotions, events, etc. Never miss another money-saving promotion today!


If I choose the Women General Screening package to be done at the Paragon Medical Centre, can my family member take up their own General or Basic screening package at the same location too?
Yes, you can. Simply inform us in the ‘Remarks’ section of your appointment booking form that you and your family member would like your packages to be booked for the same day and location.

If you or your family member is going for the Women Screening package that comes with the Pap smear, we can arrange for both of you to have your screenings done at Paragon.


Are all prices stated on the website net?
All price stated on the website and booking platform are net, with no hidden or additional costs. Only payments via Paypal will be subject to an additional 4% service charge.


When and how do I make payment if I'm paying by cash or cheque?
Choose your preferred mode of payment and click on the 'Continue' button, when you are registering for your appointment online.

For appointments at appointed Clinics, Paragon & Raffles Medical, cash can be paid at our office in advance or within 3 days after the appointment. Alternatively, for payment by cheque or e-banking, please send it out or make the transfer within 3 days as well.

For appointments at Shaw House, please read the instruction indicate inthe confirmation email carefully. You may make cash, cheque, credit card or debit card payment on the spot on your appointment day.

Cheques should be made payable to: Health Check Wellness Clinic Pte Ltd

Send To:

Health Check Wellness Clinic Pte Ltd
Address: No. 6001 Beach Road # 08-04
Golden Mile Tower  
Singapore (199589)


Before mailing the cheque, please make sure that you have written your Name, NRIC, Contact Number and the address you have used to register an account with us on the back of the cheque. Once you have mailed the cheque, please inform us by dropping us an email at accounts@healthscreening.sg


Are prices all in Singapore Dollars?

Yes, all prices stated in www.healthscreening.sg and www.healthcheck.sg are in Singapore Dollars.


Do I need to make the payment immediately by credit card, debit card or Paypal,  when I make the booking online?
No, it is not compulsory to make immediate payment. Contact us for the paypal link for making the payment to us or send the amount to paypal account : payment@healthcheck.sg .


How do I make an online payment by credit card instead of cash or cheque?
Please let us know via email or in the Remarks section on the appointment booking form. An additional 4% charge and $1.50 fee will be added to all online credit card payments.

For example; if you had opted for the General Screening (Male) package for $190, you will need to pay:

$190 (package price) + 4% of package price
= $190 + $7.60
= $197.60.

We will send you the Paypal link for your credit card payment. You may use your credit card or your Paypal account to make payment. Online payments are only available upon request.


Can I make payment via bank transfer as well?

Yes, you can. Please follow the instructions below to make your payment via bank transfer.

Please use the transfer the full sum to the following account::

Account Name: Health Check Wellness Clinic Pte Ltd
Account Number:  629439670001
Bank Name: OCBC Current Account.
Bank Code: 7339
Brand Code: 629

Upon making payment, please inform us via email at payment@healthscreening.sg or SMS 84841883, so that our staff can verify your payment. Keep the receipt and send it to us by mail or scan it and email the image to payment@healthscreening.sg

Please retain the reference number of your online payment bank transfer, and retain the physical receipt if transferring via an ATM.


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