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Haematology FBC with PBF
Screen ESR                           
  Blood Grouping    
  Hb Electrophoresis          
Diabetic  Glucose                
Renal Function Sodium    
Screen Potassium    
Bone & Joint  Calcium    
Screen Phosphate    
  Uric Acid
  Rheumatoid Factor    
Lipid Screen Total Cholesterol
  LDL Cholesterol
  HDL Cholesterol
  Total Chol./HDL Ratio
Liver & Biliary Total Protein    
Screen Albumin    
  A/G Ratio    
  Total Bilirubin    
  Alkaline Phosphatase    
  Gamma GGT
Thyroid Screen Free T4    
Hepatitis Screen Hep. Bs Ag    
  Hep. Bs Ab    
  Hep. A Ab    
STD VDRL (TPHA if vdrl is rx)    
Tumour Markers CEA (Colon) / Lung
  AFP (Liver)
  PSA (Prostate) (Male)    
  CA -  125 (Ovary) (Female)      
  EBV (Nose)
CA19.9 (Pancreas)
  CA15.3 (Breast) (Female)      
Spirometry (Lung Function Test)  
Urinalysis Urine FEME    
Stool Test  Occult Blood
  Stool FEME    
Immune Serology Rubella IgG          
Pap smear (Female)        
Chest X-ray      
Resting ECG  
Mammogram (Female)       Choice of either One (1) test    
Ultrasound Breast (Female)          
Ultrasound Pelvis (Female)          
Ultrasound Abdomen      
Ultrasound Liver            
Treadmill ECG      
BMD Bone Mineral Density (Whole Body)          
Semen Analysis (by Fertility Specialist Centre)          
Audiometry (Hearing Test)        
Urowflometry and Bladder Scan      
HIV Test        
Pre-screening Review by Doctor
Pre-screening Medical History Interview by Doctor
Pre-screening Physical Examination
Post-screening Medical Report Review by Doctor
Medical Report Hard copy collection  
Refreshment Breakfeast / Internet Excess at Waiting Hall    
Venues: Raffles Hospital / Thomson Medical @Novena 2/ Orchard Medical Specialist Centre    
Venues: Neighborhood Clinic > see venues Click here      


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